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Mayor Ian Boddy cast the tie-breaking vote to table Councillor O'Leary's motion to extend development fee holiday for another two years, in response to correspondence from developers. Two years ago Owen Sound City Council passed a by-law reducing these charges to zero until March 1, 2017, and re-introducing the fees in increasing increments for the following three years. Deputy Mayor Wright asked why the moratorium had not resulted in more seniors' housing, and Councillor McManaman requested a staff report on any information which might be reason for changing their 2015 decision.

Full text of letter to Owen Sound City Council by Barry Kruisselbrink

In 2015, after considerable thought, the City of Owen Sound passed By-law 2015-080 to establish Development Charges. The By-law sets out the rates to be collected over a five year period for various types of building permits.

While contemplating this By-law, Council and Staff included policy to recognize several concerns that the City's tax base was not expanding and ..

snowmobileSnowmobilers are reminded that the trail passing the Waste Water Treatment Plant is closed this winter.

The trail follows 3rd Avenue East and intersects the construction zone at the Waste...

sportsThe City of Owen Sound is announcing Spring and Summer Minor Sports Registration will occur on Wednesday, February 22 and Thursday, March 2 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre.
Groups participating include: Minor Baseball, Minor Lacrosse, Minor Soccer....

kelso-featureThe Scenic City Order of Good Cheer has been responsible for contributions and construction of the Kelso Beach Splash Pad in 2010 and the accessible washroom and changeroom building in 2016.
The proposed name of the building is 'GOOD CHEER WASHROOM...




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