To continue our proactive initiative to clear the downtown, snowbanks will again be removed from the downtown core tonight (Monday, January 25).
From 10:00pm (Monday night) to 7:00am (Tuesday morning), snow removal crews will clear snow from certain portions of the downtown. This will clear the business area for both ...

budget-by Anne Finlay-Stewart

The Owen Sound budget is coming to its last public meeting and a council vote Monday night after more than six months of deliberation.

The overall $731,022 increase in the proposed operating budget is primarily the result of a ...

atvs-by Hub Staff

A well-attended public meeting in Owen Sound council chambers saw city staff taking questions and suggestions about an ATV route on city streets. The route, proposed by the South Bruce Peninsula ATV Club, is available on-line, where there is also a survey and contact information for residents to make their comments. All feed-back will be compiled by staff for the Corporate Services Committee, who will prepare one or more recommendations, and Council will make the final decision.

One ATV club member said that since the province has allowed ATVs on the shoulders of most highways, many municipalities have created by-laws to allow the vehicles to pass through them as they travel from trail....

Running-WaterLimited notices to run water were distributed to 40 homes and businesses in Owen Sound as of January 20.

The City of Owen Sound Water Department is currently distributing ‘Run Water’ notices to approximately 40 locations in the City of Owen Sound.

These locations are identified as vulnerable ‘priority one’ locations in the City’s Standard Operating Procedure for preventing frozen pipes. This is a proactive first step to thwart any potential damage to pipes, residences, and businesses. Extended periods of extremely cold weather would be required to reach ‘priority two’ or ‘priority three’.

The City has adopted the practice of running water on the principle ...

Emergency-Sign-by Hub staff

According to the Canadian Disaster Database, Owen Sound has not seen one – a disaster that is - since 1867. That does not stop us from keeping our city's Emergency Response Plan polished up and ready to go.

In assessing our risks – what is most likely and would have the biggest impact on the lives of Owen Sound residents- snow gets the highest score – a 6 – for being "almost certain". Other risks include freezing rain, hail, tornado, pandemic, explosion or fire, and anything that might happen to a lot of people at once. Think high wind + Summerfolk or Salmon Spectacular + beer tent. Landslides were added to our list of potential risks after the 8th Street hill collapsed on a man's house last year. You will be delighted to know that the city's risk from space objects, natural or man-made is rated at only a 1 - "rare".

Only the Mayor can declare a situation an official emergency. Now that we have a Deputy Mayor, she would

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