Water-regThe anti-fluoride plebiscite campaign in Owen Sound deserves respect, not derision, Mayor Deb Haswell said today.

"I am deeply disturbed by any disrespect shown to these citizens by municipal candidates, public officials or other citizens," Haswell said.

In 2007, a Scottish bioethics panel of experts concluded that local and regional democratic processes are the most appropriate way to decide whether to fluoridate, as there is evidence for and against" Haswell stated.

"In the past ten years, 41 communities in Canada have decided against fluoridation of tap water, including Orillia, Thunder Bay, Niagara Region and Calgary. Vancouver decided against the practice 50 years ago.

Francesca Dobbyn, a new candidate for Owen Sound city council, says one way to address the city's poverty problem might be to stop ostracizing the poor.

Mayor-regOur economic future won't look like the past.
Owen Sound's golden manufacturing years, with large and medium-sized plants, well-paid jobs and pensions, railway and water transport and associated services, are over.

Ontario has lost its competitive edge and no longer attracts new plants. Globalization with lower wages in other countries has drained our manufacturing sector.

Electric power rates are prohibitive to industrial expansion.

has-harb-regBy Hub staff

Owen Sound mayor Deb Haswell, currently embroiled in a three-way fight for re-election, is chastising area MP Larry Miller for failing to include dredging of the harbour in his list of priorities for the coming Parliamentary sitting.

"Bruce Grey Owen Sound's MP did not include the unresolved issue of harbour dredging on his "to do" list of priorities Monday when he outlined his agenda in his public statement on the autumn session," Haswell said in a news release."I hope Larry is not avoiding or minimizing this obstacle to Owen Sound's economic growth."

"In the coming term of council, I will join forces with affected citizens and harbour front property owners and developers to get the harbour dredged," Haswell continued.

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