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minofedShe's my golden girl, the poster child for All-Canadian, like cheddar cheese and hockey. From collecting the eggs under her heritage breed chickens to driving her ATV to check on the newest calf to diving off the platform at a swim meet to finishing her school work early, my 10 year old gives every fibre of her being into doing.

But not earlier this month. Earlier this month she'd been benched because of a broken finger, injured playing soccer during physed...

facultyRe: The College Strike Should be Over, the idea that partial-load contracts are "precarious" or that students being taught by partial-load instructors somehow suffer from supposed uncertainty is not an opinion shared by everyone involved.

The truth is, many partial-load instructors (like myself) are quite happy being *partial-load* instructors - with the freedom to accept...

workersIt looks like the Ontario Liberals have kicked a leg out of their own Workplace Reforms – equal pay for equal work. Changes to Bill 148 before second reading last week let temp agencies off the hook by permitting them to pay their workers less than what full time workers at a company would make, even though the temps are doing the same...

marinasA matter has irked and vexed me for some time.
Here we have a port town, with a good harbour. With TWO marinas, jammed against one another. Plenty of people.
And no formal sailing school of any sort.
I was lucky enough to find...

TempWorkersStudents do appear to be collateral damage in this College labour action, but in reality, this strike is really about working conditions, conditions that are affecting these very same students. More specifically, a key issue is the union's call for "the number of full-time faculty to match the number of faculty members on contract." In other words, stop using short term contracts. This...






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