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niqab-regThe Postmedia Network's Opinion as published in The Sun Times on September 28th is that women who wear niqabs should be required to show their faces when taking the oath of citizenship in Canada.  This opinion is largely based on polls showing that a majority of Canadians support this requirement.  I am sure that at one time there were polls opposing same-sex marriage.  Thank God that the Supreme Court does not base its rulings on polls.  The second leg their opinion stands on is that "it is not in our tradition".  When there is no logical argument against something people say things like, "We are going to do it this way because that's the way we've always done it.  It's a tradition."  The Postmedia Network Opinion has no reasonable basis in MY opinion.

kellymoon-featureWe do not usually post anonymous lettes, but we have made an exception.


Dear Editor,
   A small enthusiastic group gathered in Owen Heights Park to watch the lunar eclipse on Sunday evening . The sky was clear  as the moon was gradually erased from view by the earth's shadow to the delight of onlookers. There were tall tales told and lunar themed songs sung but all agreed the highlight of the night was Winston dancing naked under the blood red moon.

typewriter-featureDear Editor,

A few years ago Canada's government debt stood at about 500 billion. Now it is at about 600 billion. This makes the recent grandly announced 2 billion surplus (which temporarily reduces that debt to just 598 billion) appear to be somewhat paltry. As well, this 2 billion surplus only took us up to March 31st of this year. Has there been any good news since then? Budgetary surpluses in good times are due to an expanding economy (because they result in increased revenues). Budgetary surpluses in bad times are achieved on the backs of the poor and disadvantaged. (People might want to help but they can't afford it because they are suffering too, Right?) The real problem is that the poor and disadvantaged think it is their fault, which it ain't.

Bill Moses

Owen Sound

typewriter-featureDear Editor,

Democracy has officially died in Canada.
According to a recent Toronto Star article, the Harper government has forbidden its MPs to talk to any media or take part in any all-candidates meetings. The senior party officials feel that that is not a good use of a candidate's time and that they should be knocking on doors to explain their "wonderful economic plan and tax breaks''.
I, for one, don't buy the reasoning. They are not allowed to talk to the media or attend debates because...


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