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Owen Sound Grey County Ontario 1880Dear Editor

I am writing to thank Phil McNichol for his November 7th Sun Times article on Owen Sound's need to restructure. Mr. McNichol and others have written on this subject on several occasions over the last number of years. In reviewing the local government archives as well as media outlets, it's clear that sustainability of local and regional government services have been a public concern for some time. Unfortunately nothing has happened to address this problem because local and regional government leaders lacked either a broader vision or did not see the need for change.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the tax paying public in Owen Sound and surrounding municipalities will no longer tolerate this detached attitude by elected representative .The public would like

whereyouwant-fullDear Editor,
I have been overwhelmed at the beautiful heart of our community for a few days now but did not know how to express it. Everything sounds so corny. OSSIA choir roamed the streets and shops of downtown on Friday joining many others in Random Acts Of Kindness Day. We invaded restaurants, shops and peoples' comfort zones singing songs, giving out chocolates and goodwill. Some people on the street took a few moments to warm up to the idea of being treated with respect and love, perhaps to being noticed at all. It was not exactly random, in fact nicely organized, but the results were worth it. The following day, I went to the market where it took over an hour to get out because so many of my friends/vendors were asking about my daughter who has been very ill, and really listened to me. A familiar group gathered at The River Cafe as we do each Saturday to savor our last chance to enjoy...

stethescope-featureDear Editor,

I am a family physician. I care greatly about the health and wellness of Canadians. I recognize the incredible teams of professionals and volunteers who deliver healthcare in our communities.

It is important to remember that the federal government has responsibilities for Healthcare.

Drug costs are higher in Canada than they need to be. Despite recent research showing that a national Pharmacare strategy could be a win-win situation for all Canadians and industry, the Harper Conservatives are not advocating for this drug plan for all Canadians. We need a government that recognizes the strain of prescription drug costs for everyday Canadians.The federal government needs to show leadership in healthcare. This has been clearly stated by health policy experts, including in a recent editorial by Dr. M. Stanbrook in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ). The Harper Conservatives allowed ...

handbag-featureDear Editor,
I am writing about an event that will take place on Saturday , October 17 for the Womens Centre. This is a fundraiser that took place last year for the first time, hosted at Thomboys in Springmount , just west of Owen Sound . I happened upon it last year with no idea what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. In a small community like ours where every non profit organization is fighting for the same limited dollars , it is difficult to come up with an idea that captures the imagination . This is a wear your jeans, enjoy fabulous food that will make dinner unnecessary kind of scavenger hunt/ auction . There is live music and wine and

Megan-Myles-FeatDear Editor,

Over the past nine months, I've been living outside of Canada. There is something about being abroad that brings you to reflect on what it means to be Canadian. In meeting and talking to people from around the world, naturally we discuss similarities and differences between our home countries. While I'm grateful for my Canadian citizenship and the freedoms it entails, my national pride dwindles as I think about the "achievements" of the Harper government over the past nine years.

The economy isn't stronger – while inheriting a surplus, the Conservatives have run seven consecutive deficits. Meanwhile they have cut funding (thus jobs) to important government agencies, such as Parks Canada. Thanks to changes to the Navigable Waters Act in 2012, now 98 percent of Canada's waterways are unprotected. The Anti-Terrorism Act not only cracks down on terrorism, but it also violates Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As the first country (of 192 signees) to remove itself from the Kyoto Protocol and the only UN member to reject Indigenous Rights Declaration, Mr. Harper has tarnished Canada's international reputation.While promising asylum to 20,000 refugees, it has only deliver on this promise to 2,300. Because of these decisions and more, the Canadian flag stitched on my backpack is losing its credibility.

Even more unsettling...

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