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Last October, the people of Owen Sound indicated that the status quo was no longer sustainable and elected a new Mayor and a majority of new Councilors. Their vote was a clear endorsement of the view that the growth in property taxes and user fees must be constrained. The public's frustration with lack of a plan and consequent action to hold the line on costs was clear.
The first municipal budget approved by the new Council saw an increase in property taxes similar to prior years. Because of budget timing, this Council had very little ability to limit tax increases. Next year's budget will tell us whether they heard the voters.
The winter just ending has been difficult and costly, and the City has appealed to the Provincial Government for financial assistance. However, there is no assurance that assistance is forthcoming, and this winter's bills will be paid long before any aid money arrives. Hence the taxpayer remains at increased risk.

House-of-commons-empty-featlDear Editor,
On Monday night, the mission against ISIL was extended in Iraq, and expanded in to Syria through a vote in Parliament. Federal MPs voted 142-129 in favour of the motion to extend and expand the mission. Any vote which could lead to the endangering of Canadian lives, whether they be military or civilian, should be seen as an important one, and whether you do or do not support the extension and expansion of the mission, your voice, as a resident of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound (and more generally, as a Canadian citizen) was not heard in Parliament on Monday...

dear-editor-typewriter-featureRe: Larry Miller; "stay the hell where you came from".
I just listened to the CFOS Open Line with Bill Murdoch gathering reactions on Larry Miller telling Muslim women who want to wear the niqab while taking the citizenship oath to "stay the hell where you came from". This discussion is not about religious beliefs and what we may or may not find find appropriate expressions at the citizenship ceremony. This discussion needs to be about the sometimes veiled and this time manifest expression of hatred against certain immigrants.

dear-editor-typewriter-featureLarry: I have known you a long, long time. Did you ever figure that I was
also a immigrant who never wanted to go back to where I came from? Your
latest blast has left me in a sorrow; those of us from other places will
never find a home in your political party.

Sorry Larry, I thought we all had a home in Canada; guess you got something
about those of us who weren't born in this country. A pity, eh?

Andrew Armitage, Leith, Ontario

dear-editor-typewriter-featureDear Larry,

You and I have met on a couple of occasions. I went to school with your kids, we sold cattle together in the black angus club and I spoke with you about our local library a while back.

After hearing you on the CF0S radio show this week, I would like to clarify some things and ask a couple questions.

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