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gallery-board-featDear Mayor Boddy and Council Members,

I have followed the news of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery Board's plans for expansion with interest and enthusiasm, understanding the value that this wonderful art collection brings to life in Owen Sound. Like many Owen Sounders, I take pride in the City's designation as a "Cultural Capital." and supporting the creative arts has always been important to my family.

After attending last year's public meeting held by the Gallery Board, reading various newspaper articles, and hearing Michael Warren's recent radio comments on the subject of expansion, I am wondering if a different plan than the one that has been articulated might be considered...

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women-regAn Open letter to Prime Minister Harper:

Why should Canada have an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women? Somewhere in the deep dark history of this nation, the First Peoples of this land were relegated to the status of tenants as white European interlopers usurped their indigeneity. We can see the resounding echoes of that crime reflected in how non-native society interacts with the First Peoples of Canada. The marginalization and belittling legislative attacks on hearts, minds and souls of aboriginal peoples continues unabated here in Canada.


Some people choose to send their children to Catholic schools because they think there is a better atmosphere for learning there. If all of these students opted out of the religion class, might this then not degrade the better learning atmosphere? Perhaps any religion shoved down your throat is good for you - because it makes you think. Why do we teach children table manners (by - not literally - shoving it down their throats). If we didn't, are we doing them a favour? Even then, there is nothing stopping them from over-eating when first invited to their friend's house for dinner, but will they choose to do so?




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