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By Cathy Hird

When wandering around the internet, I often run across ads for treatments that will get rid of wrinkles. Because the browsing tools we use know basic details about us and ads are chosen according to that data, those internet tools have decided that I must be worried about wrinkles on my face. I'm in my later 50's after all, so my age must be ...


By Cathy Hird
One of the most quoted metaphors Jesus used is based on the mustard seed. In one, he stated that the presence and dream of God was like a mustard seed, a tiny seed that grows into a plant that can shelter the nests of birds.

Black mustard can grow to the height of three meters, and it is an annual plant so it achieves this in one season. It is a plant with energy. It is also tenacious. We have a ten acre field which with a lot of wild mustard seed waiting in the ground. Each time it is cultivated, thousands of mustard plants sprout, enough to outdo whatever we intend to grow. Given half a chance, it takes over.

So the metaphor suggests that




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