between-our-steps-mar30Spring rain is supposed to soften the earth, release shoots of daffodil and tulip, turn the grass green. But what is supposed to happen does not always occur. Warm air pushes up from the deep south, but artic cold lingers, chills the air near the earth.

Water falls. On the warm window of the house it runs downward, but on the ...

mud-by Khrys Timmerman

The wet and soggy weather has produced a bumper crop of mud! Our brave concrete workers continue to form and pour for the Lower Level of the building at The Sydenham with an extra 20lbs added to their boots! Rowland Concrete continues to form, strip, and form pile caps throughout the site while the guys from AGF Albrecht install rebar. Harold Sutherland is supplying the concrete and pumper. Underwood Construction is providing excavating services as piles are dug out for forming and then backfilled after the forms are...

georgianarialGeorgian College throws open the doors at all seven campuses for its annual Spring Open house on Saturday, April 9 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Prospective students, friends and family are all welcome.

Visitors will be able to ask questions about housing options, the application process, books, financial aid, awards and scholarships, campus food options and more.

They'll also have a chance to meet faculty, staff and other students, and learn about Georgian's more than 125 apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas and degrees that start in May, September and January 2017.

Scheduled academic sessions will be held at the Barrie and Orillia campuses. At all other campuses, participants are invited to ...

ViTuVi Tu Banh fled his homeland of Viet Nam when he was only 9 years old. His family wereaccepted as refugees in Uxbridge, Ontario in 1980. This is his story: flight in a rickety boat; at danger from pirates; landing in Indonesia; life for a year in a crowded refugee camp; a new home in a strange country; integration into society; encountering racism and growing up 'different'. Yet Vi Tu and his siblings have prospered.

Many think that refugees will be a burden on the public purse. Vi Tu and one of his siblings are ...


The story of Jesus tells us that when he entered Jerusalem just before the Passover, he was greeted with celebration and excitement. The same story tells of his arrest four days later, and his torture and execution as a rebel the day after. How did this happen? It was the crowd who placed their hope in him, and those who supported the empire who found him a threat. There were conflicts with religious leaders too, but the conflict with Rome is what I want to focus on.

In the early years of the common era, the feast of the Passover stirred up the desire for freedom. So each year the Roman governor came from his base on the coast to Jerusalem, with a legion of soldiers, to ensure the flames of desire did not catch fire.

In about the year 30 CE, as the governor Pontius Pilate marched from the west into the holy city, another came from the east. Jesus led a ...






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