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What could be better than a professionally trained baker in the house? MarJenny's Cakes and More are offering March-break baking classes for your 7 to 11 year old. Bread, pastry, cookies, cakes – Marg McMillan and her husband Ernie will share all their secrets of baking from scratch in the kitchen of their bakery on 9th Street East.

Marg and Ernie were asked to open their ...

Cathy-Hird-global-visionBy Cathy Hird

When we look at the world with our eyes and our mind, we see the connections between creatures, and trace the causes of events. Thinking about the world, seeing with our eyes and mind, helps us to analyze what we see, to understand.

Something changes when we see with the heart...

ece captioned-by Anne Finlay-Stewart

When they saw some of the negativity about the Syrian refugees on social media, students in the Georgian College Early Childhood Education class of 2016 wanted to change the conversation to something positive.

"We wanted to show support and welcome to these families," said 22 year old Ridgley Dier, "and help bring some positive awareness of these newcomers into the community."

Their first intention was to provide welcoming resources – perhaps children's books in both Arabic and English – for the families who were expected to be arriving at the Meaford land force training base.
A bake sale started it off in December, raising $500, and a candy kebab Valentine fundraiser brought in another $175. Now that it is clear that sponsors will be supporting refugees throughout the region, the

Cathy-Hird-snowy-roadBy Cathy Hird
On many winter days, sky crowds the earth with a covering of heavy grey cloud. On a cold day, when the cloud clears the sky is further out, a dome of brilliant blue. We know that the sun sits far beyond our atmosphere, but it seems to trace an arc across that dome. In daytime, we do not see past the edge of earth's atmosphere.

It is at night that we see beyond. Only when it is dark do we see ...




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