between-our-steps-may-14As we are in the middle of Asian heritage month, I thought I would share something I have learned from South Asian teachings.

I knew that one of the texts that Mahatma Gandhi used was the Bhaghavad Gita so I was surprised when I learned that it set on a battlefield. The text records a conversation between a soldier and the man driving his chariot, who turns out to be Krishna. Why would this ground Gandhi's teaching of non-violent resistance?

Throughout the conversation, Krishna is trying to help the soldier learn how to govern himself, how to act with detachment. To understand what he means, we need to have in mind ...

quarryBy David Ross

I was hiking on the Bruce Trail near Side Road 15 when I heard the tremendous racket of heavy machinery. Side Road 15 is a no drive zone but you can walk there. The road goes straight until it meets a stone quarry. When I investigated the noise I did not realize the size of what I was encountering until

Georgiansign-featureNot sure which career path or program is right for you? Visit us at Community Night Tuesday, May 17. Find out more about Georgian College at Community Night – this is your opportunity to learn about our programs and services in a friendly, informative setting.

Whether you're new to the post secondary world or you're looking to continue your education, you probably have lots of questions. Our staff will be on-campus to help you explore your options and provide

IPC securitiesInvestment Planning Counsel Securities Corporation (IPSC) and CORE Partners Group (CORE) are pleased to announce the opening of their new office facility in downtown Owen Sound. Located in the former LCBO building on 2nd Avenue East, IPCSC and CORE are looking forward to providing a welcoming environment that will accommodate its rapidly expanding family of

HoardDo those tall stacks of magazines represent a collection, or are they a symptom of something else? Should clutter be a concern? The Owen Sound Community Fund is hosting a talk on to help you answer the question – is it clutter or is it hoarding? Professional organizers will be at St. George's Hall Saturday, May 14 at 2 p.m. just in time to provide some insight before spring cleaning season.

Pauline Hoffman, a professional organizer from Just in Time Solutions, says it has only been a few years

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