Cathy-Hird-flowersBy Cathy Hird

Tulip heads are still tightly closed and green, protecting the delicate petals inside. The warmth of mid-April convinced the leaves to sprout and and the stem to push up, but the cold and frost stopped the flower from opening. The warm sun of Monday and Tuesday afternoons was not enough to convince them to unfurl.

A few daffodils opened last week, revealing sun-bright trumpets to announce spring is on the way. Two nights of below zero temperatures made them droop, and I thought they would be finished. But morning and rain brought them back, and more will bloom soon.

Two brilliant dandelions have ventured to show their colour, but as I weed the garden, I find most of them are also tight green buds, protecting delicate petals, waiting for the real arrival of spring.

Unfolding colour is slow to come this year. Winter, which was not severe in January or February, hesitates to let go. Cold and frost cover the land under the clear night skies. Plants have to

bobshair-Bob Garnett

Two and a half years ago, for some reason, I saw the back of my head. There was some sunlight reflecting off a very obvious open spot. So, hair-wise it was time to grow a ponytail. I have had many different hair styles over the years like an Afro, an Elvis style with a DA (Duck's Ass), a brush cut, and a boogie. I've never had a Ponytail. I was a bit hesitant to go ahead with it, at first, because I wasn't sure I wanted to go through the teasing and the long process of getting the hair long enough to "Pony" it. The wig program at the Cancer Society gave me the right excuse to do it.

Friday at 5.m. in downtown Owen Sound, the pony goes to a great cause.  Details here.

Once my hair was long enough to wear in a ponytail friends and family were okay with it. In the first year

mothersday-heartwood homeOn Mother's Day, give her something special......

Mom can join us for a Basket Making Workshop with Vita Bowen from 12-5 on Sunday May the 8th.
She will enjoy learning a new craft AND have a glass of wine accompanied by a tasting of cheeses and charcuterie provided by THE MILK MAID.

aromatherapyMaria Hansford, Holistic health expert and Certified Aromatherapist, member of CFA (Canadian federation of Aromatherapists) was born in Italy, on the Mediterranean Riviera, a land blessed by a mild climate where flowers and plants prosper and display their colors and spread their aromas year-round. I enjoyed the scent of fresh peppermint, basil and rosemary since my

newsWhere do you get your information? Whether it is the CBC, blogs like Small Dead Animals, newspapers and magazines in paper or digital formats – we all have our favourite sources.

This Thursday Grey Bruce welcomes Owen Sound Hub publisher and editor Anne Finlay-Stewart to discuss the role of all forms of media in shaping the conversation around the environment and climate change. Where is the journalistic integrity and when should we "follow the money"? What is our personal...

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