rcfences-002-by Bill Given

It's been a busy and troublesome year for borders, barriers and fences of all kinds. Every time I watch the news or turn on my radio I hear about borders. People trying to get across borders. People trying to stop them. People trying to help them. People wanting to build a wall across all of Mexico. People rolling out that razor wire like Christmas lights.

If we had a nickel for every mile of barbed wire, well we'd have a pretty fair boat-load of nickels.

I've seen way too many photos of children looking through razor wire.

We have kids living on the wrong side of barriers in every city and town.

Barriers like being too tired and hungry to go to school. Changing schools, moving to a new town where you...

galaxycinemaThere is only one organization in Bruce and Grey brave enough to invited 350 teens to spend from midnight until 7:30 am watching movies and eating bottomless pop and raise funds for children and youth projects....that organization is the United Way of Bruce Grey!

Friday April 29th, at the Galaxy Cinemas Owen Sound doors open at midnight.

The Starlight Film Festival celebrates its 13th year with 4 timely movies (14A rating) all designed to keep everyone awake all night long. Catch Spy, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and the Man From Uncle back to back, The all night adventure is fueled with bottomless pop & popcorn, along with unlimited video games. For tickets call 376-15-60, or check with your high school.

At a cost of $20 a ticket this event is one of the United Way's largest fundraising events of the year. All proceeds from the event go to supporting children and youth projects throughout the county – youth supporting youth.

Recognizing that transportation is an issue in the community the United Way and local community partners provide bussing from different communities encouraging youth from all corners of the counties to attend. Call the United Way to find out if a bus

13016462 1022697594433945 559654021 oFor the second year, Persephone Market Garden is providing subsidized baskets of vegetables to community members in need. Thanks to the generosity of farm customers and other community members, the farm is able to offer shares in its community supported agriculture program to individuals and families that face financial barriers to accessing healthy, local food. The process for applying is simple – interested individuals are asked to write a short summary of why they would like a share and why they are in need of financial support to access it; no details or precise numbers necessary. Shares are subsidized by up to 50% of the...

GCHS-full-captionWhy were the Polish Soldiers in Owen Sound in 1941–1942? In 1939, the Nazis overran Poland on three sides. Poland, the first nation invaded in WWII, was not prepared to resist a German Army three times its size. On the 27th day of the war, out of ammunition, their country totally bombed and burned, and no water for five days, Poland surrendered; yet their men and women continued to resist. Unconquered in spirit, many men made their way to France where a Polish Army was reformed. Within a few months, 92,000 men fought in the Battle of France, continuing for seven days after the collapse of France. Some of these brave men then fought in the Battle of Narvik, until backed up in the fjords of Norway. General Sikorski flew to London and said to Churchill, "If you will come and get my men, we will fight for you." Rescued, an independent army was formed in Scotland. In 1941, a Recruiting...

Long-RoadBy Jon Farmer

Learning to speak a new language is difficult. At least I find it difficult. It's not the mechanics that bother me though; I understand that vocabulary, grammar, and syntax take time to learn. What really frustrates me is my inability to communicate in the meantime. I hate stumbling my way through conversations when...

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