weeds-reg-by Cathy Hird

Walking down the street in Owen Sound, I have to be careful about weeding other people's gardens. At home, I will pull ragweed or lambs quarters even when I'm just going for a walk. In town, people might appreciate it if I pulled these weeds out of their garden, but I noticed that several people left golden rod to bloom by their house as if they consider it a flower. It is possible that the homeowner likes the silver-grey colour of the lambs-quarters and let it grow on purpose.

I used to consider mullein a weed--that tall plant with velvety leaves and a spike of yellow flower. I knew a soy bean farmer who called the plant velvet leaf and studiously removed it from their fields. But a few years ago, I visited the garden of a friend, and I realized...

picnic-together-feat-by Jon Farmer

When we were kids my neighbours and I spent a lot of time in the park around the corner. We scrambled over the climbers and swings, ran up and down the slides, and learned how to throw Frisbees barefoot in the grass. Monkey bars aside, it was literally the place to hangout.

I moved back to my old neighbourhood as a twenty-something earlier this year. Now I pass the park everyday on my way to work. When summer arrived...

windingroad-regBy Rural Ontario Institute
It sure feels like we are in the midst of a federal election already. It would be good to hear from each of the parties what they intend to do about rural Ontario priorities so voters can make an informed decision.

As we have done for the two most recent provincial elections the Rural Ontario Institute will be providing an opportunity to each of the political parties to articulate how their platforms respond to rural priorities. To help formulate these "questions of importance to rural Ontario" please take a moment to respond to this short survey...

orchestranorth-featureOrchestra North Summer Strings Festival is coming to Owen Sound from Thursday July 23 to Sunday July 26.After three successful seasons in Smithers BC, Sebastian Ostertag and Roxi Dykstra are launching Orchestra North in Owen Sound for local musicians of all ages.

"I can't wait to work with the incredible talent that our area has to offer. Growing up in Owen Sound provided me with so many wonderful playing opportunities, whether playing in the Georgian Bay Symphony or attending Sweetwater Music Festival concerts. I look forward to engaging our community in a fun, lively, and innovative celebration of string music." says Sebastian Ostertag, coordinator of the inaugural Orchestra North Owen Sound.

The Summer Strings Festival includes playing in a chamber music ensemble, orchestral sessions, group and private coachings as well as workshops in improvisation, theory, and composition. Instruction is personalized for beginner and advanced players, ages 8 and up (students younger than 8 must be accompanied by an adult), and private/group lessons will be available for participants. Orchestra North brings top rated faculty, including...

breastfeeding-moms-featureThe weekend story of a young mother's less than warm reception when she nursed her hungry baby at a Wiarton restaurant has gone national. The  owner of the establishment said she was going to seek the advice of the local Public Health Unit, who have quickly replied with the following wisdom for all businesses.

"The Grey Bruce Health Unit encourages breastfeeding as a normal and important component of healthy infant growth and development. Creating a welcoming environment for breastfeeding helps remove barriers, and supports a families' decision to breastfeed. Businesses that support breastfeeding are a vital part of a healthy community. Supporting breastfeeding families means they are welcome to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.

The Ontario Human Rights Code recognizes breastfeeding as a human right as outlined...

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