river-2-featA guest columnist for "Between Our steps"

By Lynn Wyvill
This morning while walking up the old lane, I felt warmth in the sun that touched my face. I felt it right through my light jacket to my shoulders. It was as soul-enriching as the hug I received from my two-year old grandson last week in Hong Kong. This kind of feeling goes deep inside me, where words are empty and where I want to open my chest of memories and lock it away, So I write them down. Even when I cannot describe the joy, the sheer happiness of that daffodil shoving its deep yellow richness through the dead fall grass, the pencil finds a way. Not always, but often the path to my self expression lies at the end of my Bic pencil.

Cathy-Hird-Forgiveness-featIn 1986, the United Church of Canada made an apology to the aboriginal peoples of this land. The moderator at the time said in part, "We confused western ways and culture with the depth and breadth and length and height of the gospel of Christ....We tried to make to make you like us and in so doing we helped to destroy the vision that made you what you were...We ask you to forgive us and to walk together with us in the Spirit of Christ so that our peoples may be blessed and God's creation healed."

The apology was received by a representative group of First Nations people. Two years later when the church's general council met again, an elder said that the apology was acknowledged but not accepted. She said that aboriginal people within the church "hope and pray that the apology is not symbolic but that these are the words of action and sincerity...."

playingcards-featureBaker Street Women's Club has donated $25,000 to Community Foundation Grey Bruce to create a permanent endowed fund that will provide an annual donation to the Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce and the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation in perpetuity.

The Community Foundation Grey Bruce will match this generous donation with an additional $10,000 from its Matched Funding Program, which matches fifty cents on every dollar for new and existing funds up to $10,000 per fund. It is fitting that the Matched Funding Program was created from a generous donation from the Estate of the late Betty McKay, a founder of the Baker Street Women's Club. A grassroots local organization with nearly 120 paid members, the Club has been faithfully playing cards together for more than 30 years in Owen Sound, Ontario.

"The Baker St. Women's Club is very fortunate and pleased to be able to financially support local agencies through Community Foundation Grey Bruce" said Mary Jobe, founding member of the Club.

dolls-featureTell us your doll story and if possible, share a photo or painting of the doll to help
bring the personality of your doll to life. Let your story join our story at the Owen
Sound Emancipation Festival Speakers' Forum this year, July 31st 2015 at Grey Roots.
In 400 words or less, introduce us to your Doll. Why this doll was important to you.
Do you still have it? What would you have missed if you never had this doll? What
did others think of your doll? Was it your doll or did someone else own this doll, like
your sister, a friend, an aunt or mother?
You can refer to all or just some of the ideas or offer some of your own poignant ideas on the doll in your life.

treesalefeatureThe Grey Sauble Conservation Authority is holding its annual tree seedling and landscape sale Saturday, April 25 from 8 a.m. until noon at their Administration Centre on Inglis Falls Road. A wide range of tree species are available, including white birch, oaks, maples, spruces, tulip trees, elderberrys, apple, cherry, plum and pear, as well as variety of native flowers. Come early for best selection, and bring your own bucket or bag. Prices range from $1 to $45 and funds go to the Grey Sauble Conservation Foundation.

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