case-by Anne Käärid

Originally printed in the Owen Sound Downtown Improvement Area Newsletter

Just down the street from the Roxy Theatre is a bakery that is apt to take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane. Walk through the door of MarJennys Cakes + More and you've crossed the threshold of a confectionary taste delight. The atmosphere is welcoming and clean, complete with smells reminiscent of an old-fashioned Grandma's kitchen. Lucky Downtown visitors and passers-by can now satisfy the hankering for nostalgic, made-from-scratch goodness.

Owner/Operator Marg McMillan, and her husband Ernie welcomed me into their kitchen (after donning
the appropriate hairnet), to talk about the journey of MarJennys. Marg reminisced about her experiences with her Mom, her Grandma, and her Great-Grandmother. All of these women were bakers, and being in the kitchen and watching them bake was part of Marg's growing up and her early learning know-how. Baking since she was about nine or ten, Marg began looking more seriously at the practise in her early adult years by

denise-Denise Freeman and Edward Marchewka

We lived on a little farmlette near Newmarket, affectionately called Falling Down Farms. It was time to retire. We went online and looked in a wide circle radiating from our home. East and west, too built up and pricey, north , the same until we ventured further north and west to Owen Sound. When we had a little snoop, we found this charming town with a Carnegie library and three independent bookstores. Perfect. We booked a realtor to see a property within walking distance of downtown. My sensible husband cautioned me to put on my poker face, but when I walked into this dear little Ontario style house and grabbed his arm, "This is it, I love it", he surrendered and we bought that same day. Poor guy. We expected to settle in with books and our dog and drift into contented retirement.
Our first excursion took us to the River Cafe, where we were adopted by a big friendly Australian and his wife, who said "welcome, nice to have some new folks come to town". Within weeks we were bouncing around at....

unionplace- Written by Anne Käärid

Originally printed in the Owen Sound DIA (Downtown Improvement Area) Newsletter,

October 2015 edition

I had the great pleasure of visiting a scarcely publicized community gem in the heart of Downtown Owen Sound, known as Union Place. This program, located at the back of the Canadian Mental Health Association's offices, is not your typical drop-in brunch and social recreation program, but a thriving community of people who gather in a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

The social recreational programming at Union Place is for adults 18 and over and works with individuals who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness. I was struck by the real sense of serenity in this unassuming space, and the happy faces on the patrons, the kitchen staff, volunteers, and of course the CMHA staff. The Brunch Program offers employment opportunities to those that are members, where they produce

Cathy-Hird-crowBy Cathy Hird
A raven calls. Another answers quick as an echo. The only other sound is the ping of snowflakes on my coat. The storm has just ended. The wind, wild and swirling hours ago has eased back to the slightest brush of cold air on my cheeks.

No other creature has ventured out. The thick blanket of snow in front of me is unbroken by print of bird or deer. No coyote or rabbit has stepped from the shelter where they rested during this heavy fall of snow. My ski tracks are the only...




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