poverty-task-regThe 2014 annual Nutritious Food Basket survey identifies it costs $782.82 a month to feed a family of four in Grey Bruce; up from $775.37 a month in 2013. The survey measures the cost of basic healthy eating based on the prices for representative food products. Provincially, the cost has risen 4.5 percent from last year.
The Nutritious Food Basket reflects more than the cost of food. It assists our understanding of the health of our community. In reviewing the Nutritious Food Basket, the Bruce Grey Poverty Task Force has compiled a Holiday Wish List addressing poverty in the region in 2015. The major pillars of the Wish List deal with income security, adequate housing, food security, transportation and dignity. Each is an important component for an individual to achieve their full health potential.
Often the food budget is considered the most flexible; which means individuals will cut back on the quality and amount of food they buy to put that money to rent or utilities.

romance-scam-regSouth Bruce – The South Bruce OPP is sending another warning about fraud following a scam reported by a resident in the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie on December 9, 2014.

The Romance scam typically starts with a "pen pal" communicating with you by email or through a social networking site. Eventually, they work to gain your trust through displays of affection like sending gifts. When they think the time is right, they start to ask for money. In 2011 Canadians reported $12-million in loses to the Romance scam according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Successful con artists are very practiced, very convincing and there is no limit to the schemes they will try to get your money. They will pretend to be an employee of a legitimate company; they will post pictures of adorable pets for adoption, pretend to be a grandchild that needs money desperately.

intersection-regThe Owen Sound Police Service will be conducting an enforcement blitz on drivers who block traffic at signalized intersections.

While enforcement will focus on the problem area of the downtown intersections along 10th Street, enforcement may occur at any signalized intersection.

Before entering into an intersection, it is the driver's responsibility to monitor and assess traffic flow and volume to ensure that their vehicle is able to clear the intersection before the traffic light turns red.

flu-regThe holiday season is once again upon us! Friends and families gather to reunite and celebrate. Make sure that you spread joy, not germs, when visiting with loved ones, especially those in hospitals and long-term care homes. Illnesses in facilities can spread quickly and endanger those who are already at risk for greater complications from influenza and other diseases.

Currently in Grey Bruce, there have been 6 cases of lab-confirmed influenza and 3 outbreaks in community care facilities. Emergency departments and schools are reporting increased respiratory illnesses over the past week as well.

Here are some tips on how to stay healthy this season, and how to protect those around you:

OS-Policesept-regThe Owen Sound Police Service is investigating after a brawl erupted outside a downtown bar on the weekend.

Around 11:15 PM on Saturday December 6th, police were called to a large disturbance in front of the Coach Inn located at 1005-2nd Avenue East. The Coach is in the heart of the downtown.

The melee was broken up by police. A 25 year-old Owen Sound man was taken to the hospital by ambulance suffering from a head injury. He was admitted to hospital for observation purposes.

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