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A group of Owen Sound residents are concerned about the safety of their neighbourhood. After close to a dozen visits from police over the past ten days, neighbours are pushing for more action from the City.

This is the same corner where police seized "explosive devices, replica handguns, ammunition, fentanyl and crystal meth" in a three-day action last October.  This summer's calls to police, which residents say are taken very seriously and with quick response but no substantive changes to the situation, have included complaints of verbal abuse, evidence of drug use and weapons, and aggressive and threatening behaviour from both humans and dogs.

Complaints to the City about property standards violations have not resulted in more than minor improvements, according to neighbours.  Former tenants of the property have complained to neighbours of what they consider unhealthy and unsafe conditions inside the house.

Monika Brauer, the owner of a legal home-based dog-grooming business on the block says she has lost customers and, she fears, property value over the activities on the street, and is part of the group seeking support for a petition for action from the City of Owen Sound.  The owner of the Chicago Building on 10th Street East says problems extend south to the 900 block of 3rd Ave East as well.

The following is the text of a Facebook post seeking petitioners. Since it appeared, they have heard from people across the City, and have amended their petition to include all residents. Their Facebook page is attracting followers and comments.

"Do you live in Owen Sound. Do you have buildings like these on your street?
Are they rental properties? Do you feel that your neighbourhood is unsafe because of drug dealers, users and crime? Would you be willing to sign a petition urging the city of Owen Sound to take action? Would you help with the collection of signatures? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, please let us know by email here."

City Council passed a by-law  September 11 to replace one of their By-Law Enforcement Officer and Property Standards Officers.





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