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LarryMiller-featureDear Editor,
I find myself agreeing with Les MacPherson of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix when he stated that "Fragile as pretzel sticks are Liberal campaign promises". Since October 19th, this Government has had a steady record of broken promises. Having already broken at least 4 promises in less than 2 months in office, this Government is on pace to pass the McGuinty-Wynne Ontario Government for overall broken promises while in office. From faulty promises on Syrian refugees to a now steady stream of economic miscalculation, this Government owes all Canadians an explanation on why their campaign promises were so fundamentally flawed.
I would like to focus on two recent issues that have come to light about economic promises that the Government made during the campaign. The first promise was a "Middle-class tax cut". I put this in quotation marks because to this date we are still unclear on what the Prime Minister defines as middle-class. We do know that his Parliamentary Secretaries who earn


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