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- Dan Little

Why Libertarian?  This is asked of me a lot, and the answer is that I am tired of the status quo and can no longer prop up a failing system by voting strategically or by trying to pick the “lesser of all evils”. When anywhere between 30% to 40% of people don’t even show up on voting day it is clear to me that the status quo is a no go.

Often politicians will try to tell us what is in our best interest from the comfort of their ivory towers in the Ottawa establishment. I am running to change the game and to put the people back in charge by advocating for politician salary reductions and the ability for the electorate to sponsor a citizen driven initiate to have ineffective politicians removed from office.

Why me? Why even run at all?  The time has come for regular people to rise and take back control of the federal government. I work on ships on the Great Lakes, East Coast, West Coast, and the USA. So, I understand the problems facing people from Burgeo NL, to Mackenzie BC and all points in-between especially here at home.

What do I bring to the table? A strong desire to serve the people of Bruce Grey Owen Sound. A firm commitment to bring forth laws to reduce and cap elected officials’ salaries. A strong desire to see recall legislation brought forth to give the people the ability “fire” an ineffective politician.

I was born in Markdale in 1989 and lived on a hay and cattle farm in Flesherton until 2002 when I relocated to Owen Sound to attend St. Mary’s High School. During high school I played on the football team, was a member of the debate club and a leading writer for the school paper. I graduated in 2007 with the most credits earned in school history and worked for a few years as a construction labourer and brick mason’s helper to earn enough money to study marine engineering at the Great Lakes International Marine Training and Research Center where I graduated with honours.

I began working on ships as a student engineer in 2010 and as a full engineering officer in 2013, my job has taken me across Canada and the USA and in my spare time I have enjoyed to travel not only for personal relaxation but to see how the world works in other countries and to see what can be successfully imported to Canada going forward. When not working or traveling I can be often found at the Mission Thrift Store in Owen Sound where I serve as a volunteer or running canned food drives to supply the local foodbank.



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