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Dear readers,

I once again express my regrets on not being able to bring forth my views in person at the all candidates meeting.

Firstly on the idea to cut emissions by 1/2 before 2030, I do not trust the government to handle this critical matter as there are opposing sides to the climate issue and with this opposition comes compromise and through this compromise comes a lack of critical action. This can already be seen by the current Liberal government walking back some of their previous climate policies (Examples include but are not limited to: using public funds to buy a "past its prime" pipeline and using public funds to directly subsidize an LNG plant in BC. This is a direct contradiction of the 2015 policy of phasing out fossil fuel subsidies). 

It is in the view of the Libertarian Party of Canada that the people themselves and the job creation forces unleashed via the private sector stand the best chance at reducing emissions (from an individual perspective I have taken my car off the road and no longer drive as a means to reduce my own personal carbon footprint, and there is a carbon capture company in BC that is funded by Bill Gates whose long term plan is the creation of carbon neutral fuel via carbon capture).

Secondly, the mentioning of adding 1,000,000 jobs is an interesting proposal. However, these must be private sector jobs not public sector jobs for a job created by the public sector is job removed from the private sector and most public sector jobs are funded via taxation and thus counts negatively against the nations GDP. I love to quote the works of Henry Hazlitt (Economics In One Lesson), who states that full employment provided via the public sector is a fool's errand, and a costly one at that. "Nothing is easier to achieve than full employment, once it is divorced from the goal of full production and taken as an end in itself." (H. Hazlitt).
So, to sum up our climate policy we will provide constitutional amendments that finally grant private property rights to all, including the right to a clean, healthy, and safe environment. Grant each person the right to take legal action against any entity that infringes upon that right (so, Montreal can be sued for dumping raw sewage into the St. Lawrence river as an example). Also, all entities that utilize the natural environment in any fashion will be required to restore it to its natural state (examples include logging business being required to reforest an area that was logged, and continuing to enforce anti-littering laws). 
What we will NOT do is impose taxes on citizens under the facade of climate change. The IPCC for example recommends a minimum price on C02 to be about $100 USD per tonne. However, our current carbon tax maxes out at $50 USD per tonne and the environment gets shortchanged by 50% and major industrial polluters due to extensive lobbying (which under a libertarian government will be illegal) are paying virtually nothing in Carbon Tax. And if a Carbon Tax at $0.05/L will “save the planet”, then why has the excise tax at $0.1/L and HST, and gas tax not already saved the planet? It seems to me that under these tax schemes the only thing that is saved is the salaries and pensions of elected officials.
Thank you for your time and I once again express my regrets on not being able to bring forth my views in person.


Dan Little
Libertarian Party of Canada


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