john"It's an adventure, every day." That was Anne Dondertman's description of life at Grey Gallery in downtown Owen Sound.
We were settled in to the welcoming space on 2nd Avenue East...

NHCS01by - Kelly Babcock

Where do you go on summer Wednesdays for a little lunch time culture?

Well, if you're in the city of Owen Sound, you make your way to the Georgian Shores United Church for the Noon Hour concert Series show, confident in the knowledge that no matter who is ...

sweetwaterThe SweetWater Music Festival (September 21 to 23 in Meaford and Owen Sound, Ontario) has established itself as a significant festival on the Canadian music scene over the past 15 years. Founded by acclaimed violinist and Artistic...

MAS ProjectMany of the shops that line our waterways in downtown Owen Sound have temporarily given up a little space for fish! Paintings of fish and waterscapes will be showcased for about a month starting August 23 with "Finned Swimmers in the Sound", a multi-site art exhibit featuring local artists.

"Finned Swimmers in the Sound" coincides with the return of spawning salmon and...

toast- by Melanie Knapp

Come out to six evenings of speechcraft.

Toastmasters is the delicious dessert after a very long day. The day starts with meetings, work or looking after family. It continues on where chores and errands need to be ...






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