film festThe Meaford Hall & Culture Foundation's new artistic director, Joanne McKenzie, announces The Meaford International Film Festival's 11th season. "Christopher Thomas did an amazing job these past five years, bringing extraordinary films to the Festival; and so I'm excited and a little scared, as I take on the challenge of being the fourth Artistic Director."

MIFF runs from Thursday, August 31 to Sunday, September 3, and is presented by The Meaford...

flyfishingHello fellow supporters of the Arts in Meaford.

This weekend is the last opportunity you have to enjoy the terrific live theatre production of the play The Fly-Fisher's Companion at the Meaford Hall. Your volunteer theatre troupe has been working tirelessly for three months to prepare for this opportunity to showcase their talents and believe me, you will be entertained by what is on offer.
Show times are...

the librarianThe Librarian
By Kat McNichol

Everyone has the potential for violence. You'd be amazed, really. There's the girl stripping wings off tiny white moths behind the building where her dad beats her mom, or the nurse who screams obscenities at her roommate after a shift in the emergency ward. Violence is contagious. It's how some people deal with their own pain; a way of projecting onto others as a means of release. In a way, it's a...

800px-Pied Piper2The search is on for Owen Sound's next poet laureate. Anyone in Grey or Bruce County with a passion for poetry and a body of work, whether published or not, is welcome to apply. The successful candidate will be Owen Sound's sixth Poet Laureate and will be appointed for a two-year term, from October 2017 to October 2019.
This time around the selection committee is particularly interested in applications from people with an interest in...




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