turtle islandBooks that heal: Photographer Mark Zelinski presents "Heart of Turtle Island: The Niagara Escarpment" on The Chi-Cheemaun July 22.

Award-winning photographer and publisher Mark Zelinski presents photographs and stories from his ninth...


Travel can be exhausting and for touring musicians everyday travel struggles come with the added pressure to perform at your best every time you take to the stage. Five Time Maple Blues Award Nominee and Grey Bruce musical export Samantha Martin will return to Owen Sound on July 16th to share...

woods-burning"The Woods Are Burning" is a celebration of Tom Thomson in words and music.

Anne Michaels, poet laureate of Toronto, joins david sereda and a stellar ensemble to celebrate the remarkable life, art and passion of one of Canada's most gifted painters. On July 8, the 100th anniversary of ...

Coastline-Pebblesby Caroline Menzies

When Carl Bell and Lin Souliere bought the large, sand coloured building at 828 3rd Avenue East five years ago, they had two purposes in mind. First was to provide a storefront and more central location for Carl's alternative energy business, Grassroots Solar, which he had been operating previously from their Lion's Head home; and second was to create ...




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