coming-right-up-regby Kelly Babcock

Wednesday, September 23rd, at 7:30PM, at the Roxy Theatre Owen Sound 251 9th St. E, Danny Michel and Steve Poltz make the evening right with this perfectly paired duo. One is an adventurous & fearless artist and the other sports maniacal antics sprinkled with tender ballads. Which is which? Go see the show and find out. Tickets: $20 - $30 *{Sold Out}*

Thursday, September 24th, at 7PM, the Roxy Theatre Owen Sound 251 9th St. E, presents Fleetwood Mix, The Hats Off Tribute Series. Tickets: $35, available online or call 519-371-2833

Thursday, September 24th, at 8PM, Heartwood Concert Hall at 939 2nd ave. E. presents Scarlett Jane 2015 Cross Canada Fall Tour. Come see what this new venue and this great act both have to offer

Thursday, September 24th, at 9PM, West5 at the Avalon Jazz Lounge & Patio, 229 9th Street E., Come hear jazz standards performed

wlff-featThe 2nd annual Wild Lands Film Festival runs this upcoming October 9th and 10th at downtown Owen Sound's Historic Roxy Theatre, showcasing local and regional films, video art, documentaries and animations.

Last year, the infant fest garnered a substantial audience and generous community support. Again hosted by noted media critic, author, and Globe and Mail film critic, Geoff Pevere, the organizers have opted to expand the Wild Lands event to cater to a larger, more diverse audience.

On Friday night - the festival will premiere

richardY-regAn abandoned, derelict building.

One poet, one musician,

Performing for a crowd of thirty, out doors, against a mild and averted protest.

Thirty people: walkers, cyclists, other poets, artists, ordinary folk whose lives some people know nothing about, some who came intentionally, some who heard and arrived and stayed.

One dog.

End-of-day light making the old rocks glow from within.

Words. Lots of precisely chosen words from the pen and then the mouth of the poet, articulately articulated.

Sorry, it was tonight. You missed it.

 - Joan Beecroft

coming-right-up-featby Kelly Babcock

Thursday, September 17th, at 6:30PM, at the Farmers Market, 114 8th St. E., Take Back The Night Walk. Hear stories of survival and change. Music provided by Chicks with Picks and Sylvie Annette

Thursday, September 17th, 9PM 'til 11PM, West5 at the Avalon Jazz Lounge & Patio, 229 9th Street E., Come hear jazz standards performed by the area's best youth ensemble. Admission: Pay what you can

Friday, September 18th at 11AM 'til Sunday September 20th at 7PM, at Kelso Beach Park, the 5th annual Ribfest. Come for the ribs, stay for the music, or come for the music and stay for the ribs. Either way, you can't go wrong. admission: a suggested donation of two dollars ...

clarinet-featureWhen Rob Tite is not working full time for a local baker, you might find him giving a clarinet lesson, rehearsing with the Georgian Bay Symphony or his clarinet orchestra, leading or singing with a barbershop or concert choir or performing solo in a fundraiser for a good cause.
Like most of our gifted local musicians, Rob started young, and he recognizes how much he benefitted from music training in the public school system, the encouragement of his family, and the support of a community of talented and generous musicians.
The desire to spread that joy and share the same musical experience with another generation led him to begin the Great Lake Winds, an all-ages community concert band of woodwinds, brass and percussion.
The Great Lake Winds rehearse on...






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