MAS ProjectMany of the shops that line our waterways in downtown Owen Sound have temporarily given up a little space for fish! Paintings of fish and waterscapes will be showcased for about a month starting August 23 with "Finned Swimmers in the Sound", a multi-site art exhibit featuring local artists.

"Finned Swimmers in the Sound" coincides with the return of spawning salmon and...

toast- by Melanie Knapp

Come out to six evenings of speechcraft.

Toastmasters is the delicious dessert after a very long day. The day starts with meetings, work or looking after family. It continues on where chores and errands need to be ...

migwetchGallery de Boer-Fine Art invites visitors to immerse themselves in an outstanding and diverse selection of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art. Exuberant, restrained, symbolic, narrative, spiritual, humorous, political, expressionistic or representational, this exhibition illustrates the breadth and passion of aboriginal...

museum2The Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre is beginning the next stage in the redevelopment of their permanent exhibitions. Work in the current First Nations gallery begins on Monday, August 20th. During this scheduled work, the gallery will be closed to the public until the newly curated exhibition "Anishnaabwe Endaat – Where we live (and lived)" and the renaming for the "Anishnaabwe Gallery" is unveiled in...




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