Canadian Women Working in Music -- a research, advocacy, education, and support organization dedicated to supporting women-identifying people in the music industry-- has released the 2017 report card on the gender ratios on festival stages across the country. Local festivals Electric Eclectics and Summerfolk were among the highest scoring festivals receiving 'A's for having 60% and 49% of acts fronted by women-identifying musicians in 2017. Local festival Summertime Blues was also on the list but received the lowest grade of any festival after booking 0% female fronted acts for the 2017 line-up.

Canadian Women Working in Music are calling on all music bookers, regardless of venue, format, or genre, to book 50% women-fronted bands in 2018. The organization writes that, "We know that the music scene in Canada has more than enough talented and skilled artists for this to be an achievable goal. We know that bookers can do better."

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photo courtesy: John Fearnall, Good Noise Photography





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