Summerfolk's artistic director is welcoming 12 local acts to the Heartwood Concert Hall stage this month for an open audition for Summerfolk.

The open showcase had been scheduled for last fall. Bands were signed up, the hall was booked, and they were set for an afternoon of great local music. Unfortunately the death of a dear friend of Summerfolk meant that the event needed

to be rescheduled.

"Join us on January 28th as 12 curated acts get their 15 minutes of fame on stage. There's no guarantee that anyone will be hired for the festival but you are guaranteed to hear great live music on a Sunday afternoon."

The showcase runs from 1 until 4 p.m. at  the Heartwood Concert Hall, 939 2nd Ave. E. Audience is welcome and admission is free.

Image and story from Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival, Facebook event





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