lupercalia ticketsIt is a weekend of music and discussion. Mark February 16-17 on your calendar, as it is Lupercalia weekend, orchestrated by Philly Markowitz.

The overnight Girls' Rock Camp at The Library is already sold out. But there are lots of other components to Lupercalia that will shake you out of hibernation. Two nights of wild and wonderful performances at Heartwood Hall featuring some of the finest new music and dancing. AND there's Six by Six, a walking tour of remarkable women at the Greenwood Cemetery with Aly Boltman at 6:00 on Saturday February 16.lupercalia 2

AND we're hosting the Lupercalia roundtable discussion at The Ginger Press at 2:00 on Saturday February 16:
Roundtable Discussion: Women, Trans and GNC People Reclaiming Space in Art & Culture
with Lauren Best (musician and Owen Sound's poet laureate), Jenna Dawn MacLellan (artist and educator), Becky Dier McComb (author) and Charlie Petch (spoken word artist, playwright, film tech and musician)
The #METOO movement has changed the conversation in artistic spaces and over dinner tables. We have seen a shift with the beginnings of a rebalancing of power. What does reclaiming space look like when we are still in a patriarchal economy? What does accessibility look like when we think about the many different ways women, trans and non binary people experience spaces? When we look at race and visible and invisible disability? And how do men help other men to end the ways they've been conditioned to occupy space, to demonstrate power? How do we ensure people can reach their potential in the mediums they have traditionally been excluded from? Join us to have this conversation together as a community.

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source: media release, Lupercalia




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