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Great progress is being made on the mural down at the Mill Dam.
Samantha Babb, a grade 10 student who is taking her second art elective at St. Mary's High School, says the actual sketchingpainting is the finale to a full semester project.
A representative from the Sydenham Sportsmen came to the St. Mary's art class to introduce the history and significance of the mill dam, and the students researched further. Local artist Billy Goodkat fleshed out the students' ideas and sketches into a full continuous design for all four sides of the concrete storage building.
The students take turns spray-painting using techniques Goodkat has demonstrated. It is precise physical work - "You can get cramps in your hands," as Babb says. In between shifts students are sketching at the mill pond edge, and digitally documenting the whole process. The background to the images of turtles, fish, indigenous fishers and native plants is mostly complete, with some rendering of detailed images still to be completed.
The project has been a collaboration among the student artists and the Bruce Grey Catholic School Board, City of Owen Sound, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Owen Sound and North Grey Umural4nion Public Library, Grey Roots and and the Sydenham Sportsmen's Association.

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