upd lost tire gangRichard Thomas' The Lost Tire Gang, adapted for the stage and directed by Owen Sound Little Theatre veteran Bill Murphy, will hit The Roxy's stage next week. Richard Thomas himself stars as the voice of Private Detective DB Murphy. Hired to investigate the notorious Lost Tire Gang that's been plaguing Grey County roads, DB – and his beloved, car-chasing horse, Scotty – are led on a wild hunt from Bognor to Wiarton, where jailbreaks, kidnappings and gunfights all point to an elusive one-armed man.

The Lost Tire Gang follows the acclaim of last year's adaptation of Gas Head Willy, the first story in Thomas' DB Murphy series, which was seen at both The Roxy and Meaford Hall. Local amateur historians will appreciate nods to Grey County's past, with landmarks like Wiarton's Pacific Hotel and Owen Sound's Manjuris Pool Hall setting the scene.

Set in the 1920s, The Lost Tire Gang will be presented in a period-appropriate old-tyme radio broadcast style. Narration and dialogue will be accompanied by piano and a myriad of sound effects, created on-stage, in the moment. This method, called foley, is a throwback to how sound effects were actually created for 1920s radio dramas to add a multi-layered depth and intricacy. Audiences will watch as car horns, trains, bar crowds, gunshots and more are brought to life with a quirky assortment of sound-producing devices created by The Roxy's inventive team of foley artists.

The Lost Tire Gang is a unique, local take on the hard-boiled detective genre and is not to be missed. Catch it live at The Roxy Theatre on September 27, 28 and 29. Call the box office at 519-371-2833 or visit to purchase tickets.

source: media release, Roxy Theatre

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