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Late on Wednesday evening, the City experienced a large water main break in the Industrial Pressure Zone of the City. Because of this break, water pressure has been reduced in an area of the city to very low levels, which can adversely Water-main-breakaffect water quality.

The affected area is all properties north of 10th Street East, east of 9th Avenue East. The affected area is the light blue quadrant in the Northeast corner of the attached map. The City advises residents of this area to not drink or use the water.

The City will be consulting with the Ministry of Environment and Bruce Grey Owen Sound Public Health prior to this advisory being lifted.

It is anticipated that this Advisory will remain in effect for at least 24 hours.

The City is making the Bayshore Community Centre (1900 3rd Avenue East) and the Julie McArthur Regional Recreation Centre (700 10th Street East) available for showering today until 10:00 PM and again Friday, January 12th beginning at 6:30 AM.

The Family Y is also available for showers. If you plan to attend the Y, please bring with you:

Photo ID to sign in to the facility

Towel, shampoo, etc

Lock to secure belongings in a locker

Drinking water is available at the Water Depot (640 10th Street West) and the Water Store (1565 16th Street East) for residents affected by the advisory. The Water Store has a limited supply. Residents affected are encouraged to bring their own water containers for transportation.








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