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- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Owen Sound  taxpayers are paying a bill for something they did not order, nor did they use.
For work that was not contracted under the City's policies, nor sourced locally. The question is – who did the work and who is cashing the cheque?

Now that the Tom Thomson Art Gallery is back as a department of the city, there is no need for an enhanced website which had been developed for over $70,000 and was being hosted by an out of town company for almost $1200 a month.
The website had been paid for, until the fall of 2017, by the private Tom Thomson Art Foundation. Because the work had been done, the City accepted its responsibility honourably and Council voted Monday to authorize the payment of remaining outstanding invoices to Trillium Coast ITS.

Who is Trillium Coast?

Although their Facebook page says Trillium Coast has been providing "specialized, focused IT solutions to companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area" since 2002, a cursory Google search reveals no examples of their work.

The work was done in partnership with aftermodern.lab.

  Latest update is here.

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