Report from Chief Doug Barfoot to Owen Sound City Council, April 9, 2018:

City Council was asked to look for options for fire protection in the City of Owen Sound. A report was brought to Council on options for fire protection. On the recommendation of this report, Council voted in favour of hiring an outside agency to complete a review on the city's fire protection. A Request for Proposal  was sent out, and eight replies were received.

Our committee reviewed the proposals and scored the applicants. Of the eight submissions received, Dillon Consulting Ltd. received the highest score and had the strongest history of producing similar reports.  Dillon's long list of achievements include a Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Master Plan for Sault Sainte Marie, a Fire Operational Review for the Township of Wainfleet, the Innisfil Master Plan, City of Vaughan Master Plan and Fire Consolidation Feasibility Study for Central York.

Dillon Consulting Ltd. will complete a review of the level of fire protection in the City of Owen Sound. Members of the public, Council, Owen Sound firefighters, the commercial sector and city management will be encouraged to offer input to Dillon Consulting Ltd. during this process. We plan to come out of this with a recommendation for a level of service which will meet today's standards and is efficient and safe for both staff and the public of Owen Sound.

We are recommending Dillon Consulting Ltd. bid at $39,909.70.

photo source: City of Owen Sound website


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