yard maintenanceCity Council passed By-law No. 2018-048, a Yard Maintenance By-law at the April 9th Council meeting. The Yard Maintenance By-law governs matters on the exterior of private property including health, fire and safety hazards, waste, long grass and weeds, hedges, shrubs and trees, pests and wells.

If a contravention is identified, a work order will be issued to a property owner or occupant. If compliance is not reached, the City can then undertake the work necessary to bring the property into compliance. All expenses incurred by the City, plus an administration fee, are recouped by being added to the tax roll for the property. By-law Officers will also have the ability to ticket for contraventions of the by-law.

Once a work order has been issued, it is considered notice requiring compliance with the by-law for the entire calendar year. This allows the City, on subsequent complaints to bring the property into compliance without further notice to the owner or occupant of the property

The Yard Maintenance By-law does not establish any greater violations than already exist with current regulatory by-laws. The Yard Maintenance By-law will be an additional tool for By-law Officers to gain compliance in a timelier fashion.

source: media release, City of Owen Sound

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