The City of Owen Sound's Fire and Emergency Services Department has issued a citywide open-air burn ban due to the extremely hot and dry weather.

In 2017, Council approved an open-air fire By-law that permitted residents to have open fires on their property. All types of fires included in the open-air fire by-law fall under the burn ban. This burn ban includes, but is not limited to; fires for cooking, recreational purposes or special purpose/ceremonial fires.

City of Owen Sound Fire Chief Doug Barfoot stated, "During these dry and hot conditions, grass and other outdoor vegetation becomes extremely flammable and fire can spread quickly and cause devastating damage in a short period of time. We want our residents and their neighbours to help keep the community safe by complying with this burn ban."

A burn ban has also been issued by the Intertownship Fire Department for their service area and will remain in place until conditions become safe enough to lift the ban.

For additional by-law information and other helpful fire prevention tips, please visit our website here.

source: City of Owen Sound

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