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Owen Sound city council will be considering the technical report on Bremont's Telfer Creek development immediately east of the Owen Sound hospital.

Almost 70 percent of the planned 338 residential units will be in a potential high-density seniors residence or long-41500643 272905556880888 7940207856609918976 n1term care facility, although no licences appear to be in the works for the latter.

"The purpose of the applications is to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law to permit a mixed-use residential development together with some convenience commercial uses. Based on the draft plan the effect of the applications is to provide for the development of an estimated 338 dwelling units in a mix of housing forms including single detached dwellings (43 units), semi-detached dwellings (22 units), townhouses (37 units), and mixed use residential and convenience commercial buildings together with potential seniors residence or long term care facility (236 units). The proposal also includes a stormwater management pond, parkland and construction of new internal streets and services."

Public meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2018 and formal written comments from the public and commenting agencies are being received on an ongoing basis.
Following the public meeting all comments received will be considered. If necessary, the applicant may be requested to provide additional information or clarification. All comments received and any additional information will be summarized and the applications will be assessed in a future recommendation report to Council.

sources: Owen Sound City Council agenda, full report here.


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