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Owen Sound will be facing a long list of challenges in this term of Council, and most of them will be discussed at the committee level before they come to Council.

Here is a list of the upcoming vacancies on City committees with an application deadline of December 7 - including Accessibility, Police Services, Community Services, Tom Thomson Adisory and others. Following that will be seven vacancies on the Downtown Improvement Area board in the new year.

The discussion about board and committee appointments has been held in closed meetings of Council, but the applications are, according to the City website, public information.
To avoid the usual discussion on social media - “maybe no women/young people/etc etc applied” - the Owen Sound Hub is willing to publish your name and application up front so that the people of Owen Sound will know who is interested in sitting on City committees.

Just some of the issues that committees and Council will be dealing with this term: 10th Street bridge replacement, Official Plan review, new public transit contract to include big south-east expansion, planning for new waste management contract,  tax and planning implications of Tenneco closure, cannabis stores, two long term care closures and another big one being built, all of these plans, voting system review, absorbing the DIA work in to city hall, parking reorganization, two empty school buildings....we could go on, but you can see why your city needs YOU.





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