From the December minutes of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee:

The Director of Public Works & Engineering advised that the City has retained Paradigm Consulting to review the proposed detour routes that we are anticipating using for the construction period in order to maximize traffic flow through the city. They will be reviewing the timing for the traffic lights in the area.

In 2019, as part of the construction project, we need to perform some water and sewer work before the bridge replacement.
We will ensure that water is provided to the businesses in that area and implement the detour ahead of time to see how it functions.

There are many local and international experts working on this traffic management plan. Staff will also ensure that there is better
signage to indicate that the downtown is still open for business during the construction and inform people how they can get around downtown.

The City Manager noted that staff will ensure there is a proper communication strategy in place to get out to our residents and
businesses well in advance of the start of the construction project.

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