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UPDATE: Thursday afternoon: "The sidewalks have been cleared, especially the little section that never is!!!Yay!!"


First off, the city has done a great job clearing all the snow after Tuesday's storm, but it was very surprising when neither sidewalk along 4th avenue east was cleared this morning as of 8:40, between 10th St East and St. Mary's hill.
A lot of children walk this route to school, and were forced to walk on this busy street.

What makes the situation more upsetting this winter, is the west section of the 4th Ave. East sidewalk, in front of the burnt out 10-plex building. This section of sidewalk between the hill and 14th Street East is never fully cleared. Lately, the large ServiceMaster Restore cube vans have been parking on the street as they work on the destroyed houses in the area, forcing children to walk in the middle of the street in order to get to the

atvRe: ATVs on city streets: At the request of South Bruce Peninsula ATV club Owen Sound council voted to allow all terrain vehicles on Owen Sound city streets. This was done without any input from the taxpayers of Owen Sound. Why was the interest of ATVers put before the interests of Owen Sound taxpayers? This decision is contrary to Owen Sound Strategic Plan 3.4.2 which states as its goal protection of the environment; it discourages pedestrians and cyclists; increases air and noise pollution; will be difficult and expensive to enforce; puts the pleasure of a few against the consternation of many; and will have a negative...

nawashYou know that times are changing when people seek out the opinion of a First Nation before they do something that might impact Native people.

In this case, the owners of the Junior A hockey team that will make its home in Wiarton next year, decided to ask the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation whether they were OK with naming their team after an old and storied club, the Wiarton Redmen.

They weren't. So the team's owners will not be using the old name.

As the mayor of South Bruce Peninsula, Janice Jackson (who brokered the meeting) said, "We're in a time of...


Dear Editor,

In response to the letters published in Grey Bruce This Week from my colleague and Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson and Minister Mitzie Hunter on the issue of the contentious Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP), I would like to add that I am hearing unequivocal concerns from my constituents in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound about the timing and affordability of this mandatory pension plan.

We're not alone in telling Associate Minister of Finance Mitzie Hunter that the ORPP is ...


As the new federal government (and we the voters) begin to grapple with electoral reform, it's important that the facts of the options considered be accurate and that the options themselves are truthfully represented. This was not the case in Dan Brown's Postmedia December 30 column, "Proportional representation aids extremist parties." That article serves as a warning of the sort if disinformation we are likely to see.

Mr Brown's first assertion is ...






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