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oldOSCA Last Chance Reprieve for OSCVI; An Open Letter to the Bluewater Board of Education Trustees and the Mayor and Councilors of Owen Sound.

Please don't kill OSCVI. I use the word kill because OSCVI is a living thing that is at the heart of the city of Owen Sound and Grey/Bruce counties. To close this school is to destroy 160 years of Owen Sound culture and history. This is not a move to be taken lightly.

Provincial governments, city governments, an education board of directors and trustees come and go but schools with a history should remain. They anchor a community. They say we are here and we matter.

Bluewater LogoBWDSB Trustees and Staff,
My name is Graham Taylor. I am a grade 10 student at OSCVI. Even though the trustees decision is coming up, and lots of proposals have been submitted so far, I would like to respectfully submit one more before the board. The proposal is a compromise of what the two main ideas of existing proposals have been so far, which is two grade 7/12 schools and one community high school, with elementary closures happening in 2016/217.

My Proposal:
Make two grade 7/12 schools at OSCVI and WHSS locations for 2016/2017 school year.
In three to five years time, submit a business case...

schoolclockA message to BWDSB trustees, staff, media, city councillors, our MP and MPP:

We are people who live in this wonderful place called Owen Sound Ontario. It is a privilege to live here and like the ancient Anishnabe and present day First Nations people, we continue to choose to be caretakers of this land and our spirits. We are not all the same, and we must honour that, just as we honour our past and our future with vision and concern.

Difficult decisions require courage - we honour and support your courage. Difficult decisions require heart -

smokestackDear Editor,

December 2015, Canada participated in the Paris-COP21 Climate Change Conference. What action should be taken to reduce Carbon emissions in Canada?
Humans burn three trillion cubic metres of gas per year, three million barrels of oil monthly and three hundred tons of coal every second. How fast can we change this? The safest and quickest would be nuclear plants. At the rate of 52 reactors per year, it would take at least 20 years and to replace all coal-fired plants in the world would take 150 Years at the current installation rates and oil and gas would still burn. Ontario's

biodegradable-packing-peanutsHere's something I don't understand ... back in the 90's when I was a computer technician, we would sometimes receive parts in cardboard boxes and surrounded by foam peanuts that were not an oil product. They were a foam that was made from starch, and to dispose of them all we had to do was throw them into the sink and spray them with water. Think "Cheesies" without the colour or flavouring. This option has been available for years, and still we accept shipping in oil based foam peanut material as the norm. Those things


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