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Dear Owen Sound Council,
As you know there is a great demand for jobs and not just minimum wage jobs and not just part time jobs. As you also know the City of Owen Sound needs to increase its population hereby bringing in more younger families to build and buy more homes thus bringing in more property tax dollars and employing our trades people.

These young families will fill our daycares and schools that are forever on the chopping block or amalgamating. The spin off economy of having these new families move in to our great city is phenomenal in regards to dollars being spent here. The more dollars spent here the more our city and businesses thrive. The more populous our area becomes the more dollars for better and more in the way of healthcare, education and infrastructure just to mention a few. We need to keep what young families that we do have stay and live and thrive in our fair city.

The city needs to bring in technological companies; these are the ones that pay more. Bring in more manufacturing jobs that also pay more. The city needs to give incentives for these companies to want to come here, to build here and to be strong and thrive with the people of Owen Sound.

What is Owen Sound doing to make this happen? Why is it that this city allows our families and young to move on? Our population is stagnant , there is no growth here. Yet, this city is beautiful with its natural resources . Our waterways, parks and trails are second to none. One can fish, hike, boat, bike, skate, ski, hunt, snowmobile and the list goes on.
My dear City Council, it's high time to have our city grow with more young families and companies to employ those families so all can thrive. Start with the big ideaa, the incentives and the invitation for all to come and have a reason to be wanting to call Owen Sound home. So most of our people have a reason and want to stay.
I am just a concerned citizen but one of many and I do believe in Owen Sound and can foresee much potential.
Dave Skripka

Owen Sound






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