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huntWest Grey Council's tactics to avoid debate on Sunday hunting did not break any rules, but it certainly broke Council's own "Openness and Transparency" guidelines.

The first hint that Council was considering Sunday hunting came when the agenda was released on Friday 16 March, indicating presentations by pro-hunting delegates at the Monday 19 March Council meeting. Once the agenda was out, no one with dissenting opinions could be added. On the Monday, the hunters duly presented their opinions and, out of the blue (and off-the-agenda!), a prepared motion in favour of Sunday hunting was moved, voted on and passed. The first opportunity for dissenting opinions came at the end of the meeting, too late to influence the decision.

There are two issues at stake here: If you are concerned about Sunday hunting, let your Councillors know; and if you think Council should consult West Grey residents on important issues, let your Councillors know. It is not too late for "Openness and Transparency" in West Grey.

Jerry W. Grant
West Grey



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