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To the Editor,

This is a partisan message to residents of Grey Bruce Owen Sound:
A defining characteristic of a good representative, is that they will be dedicated to serving the people of their riding and putting their concerns front and centre in parliament. Bill Walker has done this. He has been a good representative for our area.

Unfortunately, to support Bill going forward is to give a regressive force power in Ontario. We cannot afford to elect a government that has no published, costed out platform, that is based only on conservative platitudes. The party of Doug Ford is not the same party we have come to know as a PROGRESSIVE Conservative party. The Doug Ford Party does not reflect Ontario values. Economists that have analyzed Mr. Ford's pronouncements say he will lead us into deeper debt than the Liberals have. You cannot cut 6 billion dollars from government services without compromising health care and education. A vote for Bill Walker is unfortunately a vote for the Doug Ford Party.

Ask yourself "Why is Ford not forthcoming with presenting a costed out platform?" The possible answers are simple. Either he has no idea of the destruction he will cause or he feels he can get away with deceiving voters who believe he will be fiscally responsible.

Karen Gventer has been involved with her community on the front lines of health care, fighting against precarious work that does not allow families the dignity of being able to put adequate food on the table or to even pay rent, against school and long term care home closures for many years. Karen is caring. The NDP is a natural home for her.

Andrea Horwath has presented a fully costed out platform with progressive programs and values. It has been analyzed by the former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page. This is responsible stewardship. Doug Ford abandoned the Progressive Conservatives' Peoples Guarantee, their costed platform and replaced it with what? Scare mongering and scare tactics. Which Ontario is the Ontario where you want to live?

Vote for Karen. Vote for Progressive change. Vote for the NDP.

Thanks for reading my rant. Before you comment that the NDP will bankrupt the province, read the platform. It is responsible and has been costed out.

I have written this as a long time resident of this riding, because I care. For the record, I am also involved with the local NDP board, also because I care.

Thank you,

Michael McLuhan

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