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We can not continue to pretend that homelessness is a problem that only the government will fix while we remain silent. Too many people are out there now with absolutely no place to go. Affordable housing and emergency shelters are an absolute necessity in Grey Bruce, not just in Owen Sound but for ALL of Grey/Bruce.

Don't think the Y can fix it, Don't say, "oh they won't help themselves." They literally have no safe place they can go. I've given emergency shelter to three people in the past six months. My son had to just last night - give shelter to one person.

Sure you can sign to be on a housing list. The waitlist is currently 5 years long, rental vacancies are at crisis level. When are the current governments, both municipal and provincial, going to start building step-up accommodations for these folks to be safe, more hospital beds to recover (in some cases), more assisted housing while people retrain to attain work and be able to become independant for themselves?

People are dying over this. This isn't something you can sweep under the rug while spending massive amounts on administration buildings, parks and recreation. It needs to be addressed and needs to be addressed now. Especially with the massive influx of immigrants running from Trump and war-torn countries currently.

It's only going to get worse.

Joanna Baldwin



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