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Dear Editor:

I am an educator with concerns about the most recent actions promised by the provincial government to revert back to the 1998 Health and Physical Education Curriculum. I am also concerned that plans to integrate the indigenous perspective within the curriculum have been halted.

We need to keep our 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum intact. In addition, we actually require more in-servicing and support in its delivery, system wide. Students need to be fully aware of issues around consent. They need to understand characteristics of healthy relationships, power structures and abuse. They require awareness of internet safety, social media dynamics, and addictive usage. They need to be accepting of the self and others including the LGBTQ2. Moreover, we need to have the curriculum integrated with an indigenous perspective that supports Truth and Reconciliation. This is integral to moving forward as a caring community.

The first line of business for this government has been to undermine our youth through our education system. This is concerning as it has nothing to do with a balanced budget or lowering the debt which is truly what the conservative government was asked to do.

As a long-term Grey-Bruce resident, I am urging everyone to contact MPP Bill Walker. Ask him to speak against these most recent policy changes in education.


Deanne Hallman

Owen Sound


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