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City of Owen Sound logic:
Problem: We need a way to address property standard issues in a timely fashion.
Solution: Bring in a bylaw that allows a more rapid response and allows the city to take action and bill the property owner in a couple days instead of months.
How it actually works:
1. Call Bylaw and leave a message........no response
2. Drop in and see the Clerk. No change to the situation
3. Email the City Manager. Receive a response "It's being investigated."
4. 8 days later. . . no improvement,  so call again. Seems Bylaw enforcement gave the absentee property owner 14 days to pick up half a dozen bags of rotting fly-infested garbage that had already been there for 2 weeks.

Where you want to live!

Peter Reid

Owen Sound

[Editor's note: The property in the background of the photograph is Mr. Reid's. The garbage dumpster belongs to an adjacent property. We visited the site at 6:30 this evening. Going in to a 3 -day weekend, the distinctly foul-smelling garbage and wet furniture were there, less than 3 metres from three downtown businesses.]



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