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We can agree to disagree in a debate about women having abortions. As a social work student, I could talk until I'm blue in the face about the right for women to access abortion. However, this letter brings more a personal opinion.

I come from a family who has never believed in abortions. During my education, my original opinion dramatically changed. However, what was to come next, would alter my opinion forever. In 2009, my younger sister at the age of 15 years old was diagnosed with Gorlin Goltz Syndrome and Basil Cell Skin Cancer. This diagnosis was the result of my sister having a cyst and her wisdom teeth removed.

In 2012 she received the devastating news that it was in her best interest not to have any children, due to her condition and the treatments that she had to endure to help stop the cancer from progressing. I myself did not have to have the test done since my parent's test had come back negative. However, I chose to have that test done even if that meant having to fight with OHIP to get the coverage to have my blood sent to the States for the testing.

My family's genetic specialist told me during that appointment that unless IVF changed how the way they extracted eggs from a woman, there was a good chance my sister would never be able to have her own biological children. The treatments have severely affected my sister's system to the point where if she were to get pregnant, her children would be born severely deformed. My sister is too young in the eyes of many doctors to have a hysterectomy; we all know in some way that birth control fails:I know many women who have had birth control fail them.

So, I must ask what other options does my sister have? This is not Religious views or what is socially correct! This is about allowing women the right to access abortion. My sister did not ask for this life decision, this was given to her without any choice for her to make.

So, I must ask why are we allowing our Government to make women's health care choices? My sister was not given the choice on whether she wanted children of her own.

Sarah Connell

Owen Sound

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