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Many of you may not know who I am, and that's perfectly okay, so firstly, let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Molly Zettler, I currently attend the high school OSDSS, and I am a grade 11 student. When I received the news about the amalgamation with the schools my first thought was "wow this is going to be chaotic". I wasn't worried about not knowing any people, or the fact that my new school is all the way across town, no I was actually worried about the chaos and stress this would cause amongst the other students. So what did I do? Easy,

random-B-O-S-imageSeptember. Back to school. Long shopping lists before school starts. Then, the first week creates another list of specific supplies needed. The whole family adjusts to the school schedule. And after school programs. After a rather open summer, life is really busy.

Even if there is no one in school in the household, September gets busy. Programs that took a summer hiatus ramp up. Things we let slide while in holiday mode get picked up. We have to keep checking the calendar to make sure we don't miss something. And then there is the list as long as your arm of things that have to get done before the snow flies.

This is an easy month to feel harried and hassled. So how do we keep grounded and ...

waterThe Library is pleased to be partnering with the Owen Sound Water Watchers and the Toronto-based Water Docs International Film Festival on a new film series, Water Docs Where-You-Live in Owen Sound. The film series takes place at the

cwhc-featureThe Community Waterfront Heritage Centre (CWHC) in Owen Sound is pleased to present a three-lecture series in conjunction with their current exhibition...




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