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Today next to Owen Sound's busiest east-west corridor, I was delighted to see a happy gay couple on a prominent billboard.
The advertisement, which is promoting DC Taylor Jewellers, shows a man kissing another man on the cheek. Next to them is the phrase "A diamond for every love."
But why is this important?
After all,  same-sex marriage is now legal in Canada, gay couples face far less discrimination than they once did and many gay people now live happy lives out in the open.
This is important because it reflects the diversity of our community. It's an advertisement by a local company for the local community.
It's important because this ad was done in a tasteful, low-key, non-flashy way - as if to say - gay people are just like everybody else, which of course, is true.
It's important because in many parts of the world, gay people still face harsh punishments, discrimination and violence.
It's important because there are still people in Grey-Bruce that still believe being gay is "wrong."
It's important because, in its own way, this advertisement shows that there's nothing "wrong" or "bad" about simply loving the person you love.
It's important because while many gay couples are still afraid to hold hands in public or show affection, this billboard shows us "it's ok."
It's important because children will see this advertisement and it may start important conversations about acceptance, love and kindness.
It's important because adults will see it as well and it may, just may, change a few minds.
Good job, DC Taylor Jewellers.





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