dog bite awarnessEvery year, hundreds of people across Grey Bruce are bitten by dogs. Bites cause physical injury, emotional distress and potentially expose people to rabies.

The Grey Bruce Health Unit and the Grey Bruce Veterinary Association are launching an awareness campaign to help people understand most dog bites are preventable and reducing the number of dog bites is everyone's responsibility.

Every dog bite reported to Public Health has to be investigated for the potential of rabies. If the suspect dog can't be identified, we will often ask for public assistance in seeking out the owner of the dog. If that fails and the vaccination status of the dog cannot be determined, the person who was bitten may require anti-rabies vaccine. On average, about 40 people in Grey Bruce receive the vaccine each year as a result of dog bites.

To stay safe:

· Never approach a stray dog or a dog you don't know.

· Ask the owner's permission before petting a dog.

· Keep your dog under control at all times.

· Socialize your dog starting from a puppy.

· Immunize your dog against rabies (It's the law!).

· Seek medical attention of you do get bit.

source: media release, Grey Bruce Health Unit




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