Murray Beech is a Friend of the Owen Sound Hub. He regularly writes and calls in to us, and sends drawings I hope one day to be able to reproduce in the Hub.

Murray cares about the environment, poverty and equity; safety and good health. He encourages us all to be our better selves.

Murray is a peaceful, generous, and respectful man. We are sharing some of his words today just because he called to remind us that today was International Women's Day.


    • Love kindness, show mercy, seek justice, and forgive.
    • Addiction free. The way to be. C'est la vie.
    • If we wait for other people to solve the problem, we could be waiting a long time.
    • Some people deeply want to help, but they just don't know what to do.
    • Don't do anything to others you would not like done to yourself – driving impaired or second-hand smoke might hurt or kill a friend.
    • Sincere honest true compliments – even for yourself - go over well at any time. Write down someone's good points, and bring them out as a gift when they are struggling.
    • May you learn what makes for happiness, and do the right thing.
    • Migwetch, merci, peace.


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